May 14, 2011

Mission Inspired Bisque and Walnut

This project was an addition to a Mission style home. The kitchen cabinetry needed to compliment the home's architectural elements, while suiting the homeowners personal taste and entertainment style.
  • Mdf door painted Bisque with maple stained Walnut accents
  • Beaded shaker style door
  • Staggered elevations
  • Counter tops are Silestone Quartz in Mountain Mist
  • Cabinets designed to hide exterior entrance stairway in corner-with microwave shelf
  • Built-in wall cabinet with lighting, glass door and wine rack
  • Increased depth pantry and fridge cabinet
  • Bead Board, custom corbels and baseboard detail on island back

Apr 22, 2011

How to Choose a Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the biggest purchases you will make for your new kitchen. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a new refrigerator:

What should the volume of the refrigerator be?
  • One rule of thumb says plan on 12 cubic feet for two people and 2 more cubic feet for each additional household member. If you shop at Costco twice a week, you may require more space.
What style of refrigerator works best with your layout?
  • A French door refrigerator works well in a galley kitchen, but a fridge with a full door may work best in a large kitchen (just make sure that the door will swing the right way!

What finish should you choose?
  • It is important to consider how the finish of your cabinetry will look with the finish on your appliances. White cabinets look great with a white fridge, as long as the color matches. Stainless steel looks great with white too, but be aware that the sides of your fridge are likely black and will stand out like a sore thumb if exposed! Black appliances are popular, and brushed bronze is making an appearance in contemporary designs.

What depth of refrigerator should you choose?

1) Standard Depth Refrigerators
  • Generally available in a variety of sizes, from 42" deep to 30"deep. When selecting a regular depth refrigerator, make certain that you ask your Kitchen Designer to make the panels on either side of the fridge the same depth as the box of the fridge (generally 27 to 30" deep) so that the sides are not visible.
2) Counter Depth Refrigerators
  • Generally the box of the counter depth fridge is the same depth as the counter top, 25", so that only the doors and handles of the fridge are protruding from the face of the cabinetry. These models are often available to accept false door panels, but should not be confused with Built-in Refrigerator.
3)Built-in Refrigerators
  • Popular brands include Sub Zero, Thermador, Electrolux and Miele. The doors can take custom panels and are designed to blend in with the surrounding cabinetry.